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[GUIDE] P2 Pets

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1[GUIDE] P2 Pets Empty [GUIDE] P2 Pets on Tue May 28, 2013 7:48 pm

Hello , Sometime we will add our new amazing p2 pets with custom looks and skills

Here is the list of the p2 pets and also the skills they carry.

Snow Jaguar Evo #1

Winter : Make a strong critical dmg in the target.

Cold Mind : Decrease the attack of the target.

Snowy Time: Increases the attack of the Snow Jaguar

Velocity of Ice: Increases owners speed ( has to get target to it's owner)

Curing Hunger: Cure hunger by game gold.

First Aid: Cure HP by game gold.

Curse of Cold : Decrease the hitrate and four kinds of stat temporarily

Snow Jaguar Evo #2

Power of Ice : Make an area skills and hit alot of targets.

Polar Knock : Knock the enemy back and deprive the enemy's senses.

Cold Spirits : Increases the attack and the attack speed of the jaguar.

Wind Energy : Increases blocking rate againts opponents attack, ( has to target its owner )

Frozen Mana : Make around oppenents not utilize and spread dieseases . This skill is very useful because of the rage (your curse all) muahah!

First Aid: Cure HP by gold gold.

Curing Hunger: Cure hunger by game gold.

Snow Jaguar Evo 3#

Cold Thunder : Teleport to an openent and make a critical thunder in him

Bless of Ice: Heals 50% of the jaguars life and increases the movement and attack speed.

Polar Feeling: Increases owner's Dexitery and Hit Rate

Secret Cold Steal : Take a lot of HP from the target and stone it :3

First Aid : Cure HP by game gold.

Curing Hunger : Cure hunger by game gold.

Elephants Evo 1 only.

Skills are :

Elephant Rage : Make a critical hit + Posion + Blind to the target!

Elephant Bomb : Give stun and poision to all targets near the elephant.

Prince of Darkness P2 pet only 1 evo

Skills are :

Darkness is in You : Decrease the moving of targets, offense speed and accuracy rate by putting them in a dizzy state, Giving a shocking blow.

Unkillable Darkness : 100% Heal of the Prince

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2[GUIDE] P2 Pets Empty Re: [GUIDE] P2 Pets on Thu May 30, 2013 1:05 pm

Can we see a SS from Prince Of Darkness ans the Eagle please?

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3[GUIDE] P2 Pets Empty Re: [GUIDE] P2 Pets on Fri May 31, 2013 11:38 am

yea i would like to see all these p2 pets cus they are like 2k+ cash Smile

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